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Management refuses to fix the heating...

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Q: The heating in our office block is always broken and I've spent the past week sitting at my desk in my coat, hat and gloves trying to keep warm. Some days I can even see my breath. My manager says it can't be fixed as it's an old system, but I'm freezing! Is there anything I can threaten our services department with in order to get something done?

A: I doubt if conventional threats will carry much weight. You need a bit of low cunning. Could it possibly be that your local newspaper wants to do a feature on good local firms to work for? And plans to visit a lot of offices as part of their research? And could it just be that a friend of yours on that paper has tipped you off that one of the offices they plan to visit is yours?

I know, I know: thoroughly unprincipled, deeply dishonest and altogether shameful. But it might spur your management into some sort of action. It doesn't sound as if anything else will.

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