Why logistics might be the best sector to work in

Looking for a fun, exciting job with great colleagues? Have you considered becoming a lorry driver?

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 16 Jun 2011
For most people, the idea of driving a massive truck for a living loses its appeal at about the same time as they realise the implausibility of Santa Claus’ business model. But, if a new survey by careers advice website thejobcrowd.com is anything to go by, people working in the transport and logistics industry are actually the happiest around – while those in jobs usually seen as exciting aren’t quite as fulfilled. And it’s all about post-work beers…

The survey, of 525 young professionals, rated careers on responsibility, potential for progression, their relationships with colleagues, training, and the general quality of the company they worked for. Surprisingly, it found that alongside transport, the happiest people work in construction and charities, as well as the performing arts (which, given the pay in that industry, might seem a bit surprising).

The fifth-most popular career turned out to be the decidedly non-glamorous insurance and pensions industry – which rated highly for working relationships. ‘We socialise outside of work and regularly enjoy trips to the pub together,’ said one insurance firm employee, while another said his team is ‘having a great laugh’. Who’d have thought?

At the other end of the scale were administration and customer service (call centre jobs, then – hardly a shocker), and information technology. And while the media might be thought of as particularly interesting, the people working in the industry don’t seem so enamoured: the sector ranked third from the bottom - and was especially unpopular when it came to training opportunities and general day-to-day enjoyment. Not all glitz and glamour, then (as MT can confirm).

Of course, because the survey only spoke to people at the beginning of their careers, it’s probably a bit skewed: more desirable industries like the media, for example, are notorious for forcing those at the bottom of the ladder to graft hard before they can move up. On the other hand, less popular sectors like construction or logistics might have to work harder to attract the best people into the industry by creating a happy working environment.

Still, for employers in the industries at the bottom of the list, this should provide food for thought – after all, a happy worker is a productive worker…

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