Why it pays to treat your customers like astronauts

INNOVATION BITES: In a bid to enhance the customer experience, one airline is giving customers a taste of space.

by Stephen Jones
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2018

For centuries businesses have been looking for ways to enhance the interaction they have with customers. It’s a basic principle of customer service - if the client enjoys their experience they are more likely to return.

A slick easy to navigate web page or a BOGOF offer on loo roll is one thing, but sometimes it pays to be a little more creative.

The innovation

In a bid to improve the experience of customers on its flights, the German carrier Lufthansa has introduced the opportunity for some of its flyers to try astronaut food.

The meals have been developed by Lufthansa’s catering and hospitality division LSG for the Horizons mission astronaut Alexander Gerst, and the range is available to Business Class flyers on long haul flights out of Germany between July and August.

Give a little more

Of course the commercial value of Lufthansa’s taste of space is yet to be seen, but it's hard to see the move not having a positive impact - after all the chance to try a celestial chicken ragout with mushrooms is surely worth the upgrade.

Businesses of any size have a pool of resources, expertise or wider connections that can be utilised to add value in small ways.

IKEA’s simple offering off hot dogs and Swedish meatballs, JD Wetherspoon’s in house news magazine (and more recently self service app) or Waitrose's free coffee giveaway have all proved to be effective ways at getting customers interacting and spending with a brand.

It just goes to show that little added, albeit opportunistic value can go a long way.

Image credit:  HQuality/Shuttertsock


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