Why you should schedule downtime into your diary

Quick work/life balance tips from Adobe boss Gavin Mee.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2019

Leaders are hardly immune from overwork, burnout and stress. Yet a company is unlikely to thrive if the boss can’t think straight, not least because employees will model their behaviour around their leader.

Adobe’s Northern Europe VP Gavin Mee struggled when he first reached a senior leadership position, which has taught him a few useful tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

"It makes you a much better, more rounded, fresher person when you turn up to work if you’ve got a balance between your job and your home life. When I get home I turn my mobile off and put it in the corner.

"I schedule a couple of hours a week of thinking time into my diary and I do half an hour of meditation before work every day. If it’s a busy place, I’ll plug in my headphones and use the Headspace app. I have a short attention span, and that really works for me.

"People are more likely to pay attention to work life balance if they hear their leader actively talking about it, so I’ve agreed on a bunch of standards with my team:  I want everyone to take their holiday, I want them not to turn on their phone and I don’t communicate on weekends unless it’s a dire emergency."

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