Work in 2071: a creative adventure

Curious about the future of work? Here’s how it looks through the eyes of freelance graphic designer Kieron Lewis

by Georganna Simpson
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2021

Discussions about how the future workplace looks and works have consumed the past six months. Our world has been turned upside down, everyone has questions about what follows – and everyone wants a say. 

But we’re not interested in the near future – we want to broaden that brief and think about the world of work in 50 years’ time. So we asked four creatives to time-travel (literally or metaphorically) and report back on what they find. 

Campaign and Huawei UK asked these talented individuals to share their visions for the future of work in 2071. And to help create their eye-catching, inspiring images and videos, they had the use of the HUAWEI MateView – a new, kick-ass, future-first monitor. 

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