Yabba dabba do - it pays men to be sexist

Good news for any neanderthals out there who still think a woman's place is in the kitchen...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Yes, if you're a cave-manager who believes it's the man who should be bringing home the bacon, and that women should just be - ahem - bakin', then not only are you a Fred Flintstone-like throwback, you're probably also doing a lot better in the salary stakes than other, more modern-minded men.

That's according to a recent US study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, which found that men with more ‘traditional' views (a very generous euphemism for ‘sexist') are more likely to out-earn ‘modern-thinkers' by an average of £4,722 a year. A handy sum which they can put to good use carpeting their caves, no doubt.

The long-term research project was carried out by the University of Florida, with almost 13,000 men and women first interviewed in 1979 - when they were aged between 14 and 22 - and then three times in the following two decades. The subjects were asked a series of questions about a ‘woman's place'. Typically, men tended to be more conservative than women, though the gap did narrow over time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, women who held traditional views were out-earned by women who rejected these views, showing the value of an independent mind (£833 a year to be precise).

While this study seems to be an exercise in post-hoc reasoning (at best, it only demonstrates a correlation between sexism and earnings rather than a causal link), it hasn't stopped psychologists offering half-baked explanations for the phenomenon, including one which argues that the more traditionally-minded man is more interested in power (in this case money and resources) than his more evolved brother, and that this taste for power will also be reflected in his preference for submissive women.

We at MT are concerned that this news might encourage the return of unsavoury, outdated behaviour. So, if you're considering changing your style and adopting a more ‘traditional' view of women in the hope that it might improve your earning power, we have some advice: yabba dabba don't.

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Yabba dabba do - it pays men to be sexist


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