Youthful ways

Let it never be said that we're a bunch of old fuddy-duddies here at MT who have no time for youth. We seek out and praise young talent - male and female - wherever we can find it in British business. However, the antics of Monstermob, the youthful listed mobile ringtones company, would raise eyebrows in any playground. In a highly volatile market, the company's share price has been yo-yoing between 40p and £4.50 in the past year. And now there is talk of a bid that will hearten telecoms veteran, Orange founder and lone Monstermob greyhair, Hans Snook, who took over the chair for a mere 40 grand plus 500,000 share options.

Monstermob first caught our eye earlier this year when the board - which had a record-breaking four directors under the age of 35 - was reported to have fired their obviously past-it 42-year-old CEO by e-mail. This is surely an excessively cold-blooded way to give someone the bullet. When they've had enough of new boss, Niccolo de Masi, a 26-year-old trained physicist, maybe they could send him a P45 by text message (‘UR frd Clr ur dsk') Meanwhile, have a look at an MT piece from a few years back about how to let people go professionally. For some reason, we called it ‘Ready Aim Fire'. The headline writer was shortly afterwards relieved of his post for gross insensitivity…

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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