YouTube on keeping that human touch

How to remain vital at work, with Steve Coogan, the Onion, and Citizen Kane.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Keep work separate. Businessmen don't come any more bullish than Steve Coogan's Gareth Cheeseman. He's just got himself a new Ford Probe, strutting round his hotel room, prattling on into his mobile about sales nous and hard drinking. If you're going to work hard, keep some humanity.

Maintain a balance. The Onion's American football coach has had to make a tough work-life decision: and decided to retire from his family to spend more time with the team. It seems he had ‘nothing left to prove as a husband and father'. If you're even considering something similar, you may need a holiday.

Maintain that glint. In Citizen Kane, the young Charles Foster Kane is served well by his youthful swagger. He admits he's manipulating the news, but he's doing it for a very good reason. 'Charles Foster Kane is a scoundrel,' he says, and you love him. Later in the film he dies a lonely death - he got the balance wrong.

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