Here is the programme our Young Women in Business conference. Stay tuned for updates and speaker additions.

08.45 Registration

09.25 MT welcome

Kate Bassett, head of content, Management Today

09.30 The MT Interview - Leadership 101

Lead like me

How to be a great boss without losing your humanity

10.00 Turbo talk 

Productivity - how to do more and work less

10.20 Confidence masterclass

How to fake it until you make it

10.45 Morning break

11.05 Turbo talk 

How to manage your squiggly career.

11.25 Panel discussion - Keep calm and carry on

How to manage stress

11.55 Turbo talk

How to find a mentor or cheerleader

12.10 Meet the mentors

12.15 Lunch and mentoring

13.30 Leadership 101 Keynote

Skills session: how to go from manager to leader

14.00 Masterclass

Budget basics - the art of reading a P&L

14.20 Turbo talk

Leadership 101 - It took guts

14.40 Presenting Masterclass

How to get your voice heard and wow your boss

15.00 Panel discussion: personal development

Pay rises, promotions and flexible working

15.30 The MT Keynote - Looking into the future

Dame Helena Morrissey DBE, head of personal investing, Legal and General 

16.00 Close